Merv McAdam – Tour Director & Step-On Guide

"My true passion now is to serve people as a Tour Director and Tour Guide. I enjoy it and have so much fun with the people and I even get paid for the fun and enjoyment."

Merv was born and raised in PEI and has spent most of his working life on the Island. He lives in Charlottetown and has two daughters Cathy and Nancy, as well as two grandchildren, Matthew and Samantha.

In his past, he has worked with Sears selling appliances and furniture and finds time to still do some selling today. Now Merv spends his time as a step on guide touring people around PEI as well as Tour Directing for Target Tours. One of his claims to fame was working as the private chauffeur for Kelly Ripa from the Regis and Kelly Show when it was filmed on PEI.

Merv has also served as Tour Director for Target Tours on several New York City tours as well as cruises, concert tours, and more. In his spare time, Merv enjoys working on family history and genealogical projects.