At Target Tours we love the tours we offer and our goal is to provide the most diverse and varied tour selection in Atlantic Canada. In an effort to do this, we partner with other tour operators in Canada becoming the sole provider of their tours from Prince Edward Island, and in some cases the only one from Atlantic Canada. We believe that working with companies that share our values and dedication to client satisfaction helps us to become the most comprehensive tour operator in Atlantic Canada.

We are very selective when choosing our partners and hold them to our high tour operation standards which are:

  • History of client satisfaction

  • Unique Destinations

  • Client-centric values

We keep a very close eye on our clients satisfaction when they travel with these partners as we feel that our partners tours are an extension of our company.

As a result, we only choose specific tours from each travel partner to destinations that we currently are not offering to compliment our tour lineup. If you see a tour operated by a partner company that we do not offer feel free to contact us for details.

Atlantic Tours

For over 50 years Atlantic tours has been showcasing great Canadian destinations. This tour operator is based in Halifax, NS and they are well known for their provincial pride and wearing their Tartan kilts.  We work with this company to offer excellent tours of Atlantic Canada and many are guaranteed to travel such as the Circle Newfoundland & Labrador tour we offer.

Tour options may include: Circle Newfoundland & Labrador, Discover the Magdalen Islands, Rediscover Cape Cod, and more!

Lakeshore Tours

Lakeshore Tours was established in 1995 with a commitment to providing exceptional motor coach tours. We offer exciting and interesting destinations and provide our clients with tremendous “travel value”. Owned by Jim Knight and Marilyn Glassford, Lakeshore Tours employs a team of travel experts that take great pride in planning and overseeing each departure.

Tour Options may include: Alaska & Yukon Cruise Tour

The Battlefield Tours

Over 30 years ago, Battlefield Tours Director & CEO, Ian Cowan, took his passion for war history and envisioned a new way to understand, honour and remember the sacrifices Canadian families had endured – sacrifices of which many are still greatly remembered in several places around the world.

Ian used his knowledge of the battlefields to encourage and lead Canadian veterans and their families on many important journeys back to the Battlefields.

Today, Ian and his Battlefield Tours team continue to offer Canadians an opportunity to visit battlefields around the world, sharing with them not just a scarred landscape – but a rich history, a deep understanding, and a priceless connection to our human story.

​Tour Options may include: Normandy to the Liberation of Holland