Project Description

Recently our team did an exercise on what it is that we do that makes Target Tours so special. It’s easy to forget when we do the same things day after day what makes us special and we even surprised ourselves with all the different things we came up with. We thought it would be nice to share this with you, our passengers or potential passengers. If you’re new to Target Tours or considering us I think this might help give you some insight on what makes us so great!

In no particular order, many of the reasons that make Target Tours the best tour operator in the Maritimes:

  1. Clients can book multiple ways such as online, phone, or email.
  2. We offer various payment methods. We accept credit cards, cheque, cash, or e-transfer.
  3. Client Information and Appreciation Nights. We provide opportunities to really get to know us and our product and celebrate past trips.
  4. Our SOLO program. We attempt to pair travellers who don’t have travel companions in order to reduce the cost of single travel.
  5. Offer extra add on options for tours like Broadway shows, food tours, or museum visits.
  6. We connect pre and post tour with passengers. It’s a full experience and we’re always easy to reach!
  7. We develop a “Getting to Know You” document for passengers to be familiar with their fellow travellers pre-departure.

  8. On board entertainment. Movies, games, jokes, stories, and BINGO!
  9. Online chat function on our website allows you to speak directly with a team member in the office if you have a quick question.
  10. We reward client feedback with travel credits. After the tour we do online surveys that are rewarded with a travel credit for a future tour for completing it.
  11. Past passenger recognition. When you travel again with us we give you a little something upon your return as a thank you.
  12. We send birthday cards and thank you cards. We always want to remind you that we appreciate your business.

  13. Quick response time. We always pick up the phone before the second ring during office hours and emails are taken care of often within the hour they were sent.
  14. Well travelled Tour Directors who are professionally trained and friendly.
  15. Various pick up and drop off locations in NS, NB, and PEI.
  16. We write a blog to get to know us (like the post you’re reading right now!).
  17. Hundreds of positive client testimonials. Seriously, we currently have over 400 on our website. We couldn’t make up that many if we tried! Read them HERE.

  18. Our e-newsletter announces all new tours and monthly updates with interesting info. Sign up for it HERE. Recipients are always the first to know about everything.
  19. Our tours are constantly being updated based on client feedback and Tour Director suggestions.
  20. Even though the product constantly evolves it also maintains the same level of service. We provide above and beyond customer service and high quality accommodations/attractions, always.
  21. About two weeks before departure we send out a detailed itinerary. This includes times and specifics so you can relax and know it’s all been thought of.

  22. Our amazing office team! We always try to do our best to go above and beyond for every passenger before, during, and after a trip.
  23. This might be obvious but there is a lot of value in a hassle-free vacation where the details have already been taken care of. That’s what group travel is!
  24. Locally owned. With the company residing in Prince Edward Island we are perfectly positioned to assist clients from all over Atlantic Canada and provide jobs to our amazing team.
  25. Well researched and highly rated venues and attractions. We spend a lot of time checking out our locations and making sure they fit our standard.
  26. Try as you might but you wouldn’t be able to do the same trip for less on your own. With group pricing we are able to offer amazing value for cost.

  27. Little touches. Water on the coach, hand sanitizers, bottle openers or other surprises just to make your trip that much easier.
  28. We’re very active on our social media pages, especially our Facebook page. Follow along with tours and see what’s new by liking our page HERE.
  29. Handpicked drivers that engage with clients. Drivers do so much more than just drive so we work closely with our partners at Coach Atlantic to choose the best of the best.
  30. Client Advisory Board. A group of over 100 clients who help lend suggestions and thoughts about company operations outside of tour specific surveys.
  31. FREE water on board the motorcoach.
  32. Non pressure sales environment. Our team doesn’t make individual commissions so we all work together to help anyone who contacts us.

  33. Easy to navigate website that is constantly being updated. Recently we did work to make sure it’s mobile friendly and fully SSL secure.
  34. You can speak to the owners. Unless they are leading a tour group John and Lynn Dunphy are always happy to chat!
  35. Great supplier relationships. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with suppliers like hotels and attractions. It often feels like coming home when we bring a group to visit.
  36. Continual education. Our team invests in programs to increase our destination, service, sales, and product development knowledge. Change and innovation is good!
  37. Solid reputation within community. Nothing makes us more proud then we meet a new person who tells us “I’ve heard good things about Target Tours!”
  38. Our Tour Directors contact guests before departure. This way you can ask any last minute questions or get to know them before the trip.

  39. We are compliant with privacy protection, anti-spam laws (CASL), payments (PCI), and web services (SSL). This should be a given for any business who collects as much sensitive information as we do but we work hard to maintain these standards behind the scenes.
  40. We’re a team. When you choose us you know there is a group of people working to make sure you and your fellow travel companions have the time of your life. You don’t just get the services of one person but of our entire Target Tours team. We’re very proud of this and we hope it shows!

What did we miss? We’re sure there are other bonuses to working with Target Tours that we don’t even realize. Feel free to leave them in the comments 🙂