Project Description

At Target Tours we’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the last few months reflecting on how we’ve done things for the past ten years and ways we can improve. While we think we are pretty darn awesome at what we do, we strongly believe that greatness is an evolutionary process.

To do this we consulted all post-tour surveys we’ve received from past passengers in the last year or so, our Tour Directors, and our office team. After a few team-wide meetings we have decided to make a few crucial changes that we think will be hugely positive as we grow. Read on to hear about the exciting changes we are making to improve your experience when you choose Target Tours.

  • Starting Locations

As a company that is based out of Prince Edward Island, we have been consistently challenged by the Confederation Bridge. When winds reach a certain speed on the bridge it will commonly closes to high sided vehicles like motor coaches which can cause significant delays for our tours. There was a time when this was rare but in the past few years the incidents of this have been increasing.

As a result we have decided to start our motor coaches tours in Halifax, Nova Scotia which will perform all the Nova Scotia pick ups before meeting a transfer from Prince Edward Island in Aulac, New Brunswick. This way our low-sided transfer vehicles from PEI will be able to cross the bridge largely uninterrupted and ensure a timely departure. The Tour Director will now meet the group starting from Nova Scotia and Target Tours staff members will see the transfers from PEI off from the Charlottetown departure location. There will be no changes to the New Brunswick pick ups. This change is starting in 2020 with most itineraries already having been modified for this adjustment.

Free transfers are included from:
🔹Charlottetown, PE (Walmart parking lot)
🔹Borden-Carleton, PE (Ceretti’s Irving)
🔹Saint John, NB (Shopper’s Drug Mart – Lancaster Mall)

The main motorcoach will stop at the following pick up locations:
🔹Walmart Mumford Rd (Halifax, NS)
🔹Hampton Inn Dartmouth Crossing (Dartmouth, NS)
🔹Holiday Inn Express Halifax Airport (Enfield, NS)
🔹Walmart or Comfort Inn (Truro, NS)
🔹Irving Big Stop (Aulac, NB)
🔹Irving Big Stop (Salisbury, NB)
🔹Irving Big Stop (Lincoln, NB)
🔹Murray’s Irving Beardsley (Woodstock, NB)

Pick up locations are subject to change based on the requirements of specific tours. These pick up locations do not apply to fly tours. 

  • Luggage Handling

Traditionally Target Tours has not included luggage handling on our tours. To increase the hassle-free nature of our tours we will be including luggage handling on select 2020 tours and on all 2021 tours going forward where possible.

  • Water Bottles

In 2019 we decide to switch from disposable water bottles to offering reusable water bottles. While this was a move made with an eye to reduce our use of plastics and wasted water, we think we can do a little better. After discussions with many of our passengers this past year we have decide to also remove the distribution of our plastic reusable water bottles and instead encourage passengers to bring their own reusable bottles from home. Feedback from guests was that many folks already have water bottles that they loved and this way they could ensure it was well cleaned before departure and filled with water. Going forward we will be educating guests on where they can refill their bottles along the way to their destination and return.

  • Guided Tours

Based on further feedback from our passengers we have found that while everyone enjoys guided tours of their destinations, when a guided tour exceeds 5 hours it can be difficult to stay engaged and can be tiring. For select tours in 2020 and all tours in 2021 we will be reducing the length of any of our guided tours to between 4 – 5 hours with exception to select locations and shore excursions. This will allow guests to have more free time to explore at their pace or rest because after all, it’s your vacation!

This is only a taste of what’s to come as Target Tours evolves. Over the coming 12 months you will see exciting additions, new ways to engage with us, and a refreshed look and feel. We’re dedicated to being your favourite Tour Operator and we can only do that with your help.