Project Description

Have you checked our website and found a tour you are interested in, only to wonder how exactly do you book the tour? Or do you only have a few minutes and are wondering how long the booking process takes?

Here at Target Tours we specialize in creating fun and exciting travel experiences that are hassle free! It only makes sense that booking a tour is also hassle free. We know just how busy life can be, so our booking process is a quick and simple affair that takes less than five minutes to complete! There are several different ways you can book on one of our tours:

  • online on our website
  • by telephone
  • by visiting our office in Stratford, PE

We will break down each of these methods so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

Booking through our website is probably the easiest way to book on one of our tours. First you visit our website and click the blue “View Tours” button on the right hand side of the menu bar. This page lists all of the tours that we currently have planned. Under some of the titles, you will find tours that are guaranteed, on promotion, and which ones may already be sold out. By clicking on each individual tour, you can find out all the details you need to know such as what’s included, pricing, when payment is due, etc. Once you have found a tour that you are interested in, click on the blue “Book Now” button under the tour title which will prompt you to fill out a quick questionnaire. You will be asked simple questions such as how many people will be travelling, what is your name, date of birth, pick up location, etc. Due to security reasons we are unable to collect your payment information in this form so we ask you when would you like us to call you to get the final pieces of information. This way you don’t have to sit at home waiting for us to call and we will call you the next business day to finalize your booking.

Booking by telephone is another easy way to secure your seat on one of our tours. You can call us Toll Free at 1-877-214-5367 or locally at 1-902-367-5500. If you are a past passenger, these phone calls are very quick, we just confirm that your information has stayed the same since the last time you travelled with us and we collect your payment information. For new passengers, the call takes a little longer as we need to collect some basic information such as: mailing address, email address before we get to the specific tour questions.

A final method of booking one of our tours is to come visit us at our office at 13B Myrtle Street in Stratford, PE. This is by far our favourite method as we love meeting passengers and there’s no better way to do that than face to face. When you visit our office we collect your information and process your booking right away using our booking software.

Upon booking on one of our tours, we will ask you if you require quotes for travel insurance. We sell Manulife Insurance and have a variety of plans that you can choose from. The three most popular plans are: Premium Protection Plan, All Inclusive Plan, and the Non-Medical Plan. While travel insurance is only required on our bigger international tours, we do highly recommend having some form of insurance to help you prepare for the unexpected. It is especially recommended when you are booking a trip far in advance as you never know what could happen tomorrow, let alone 6 months from now. If you would like to learn more about the plans we offer, you can check out our Manulife Insurance page on our website.

The final step in booking a tour, is the deposit. Upon booking, passengers are required to pay a deposit in order to secure their seats on a tour. The deposit amount varies depending on the overall price of the tour. It is also non-refundable. BUT if you pay a deposit and then end up having to cancel your trip, you can submit a claim to your insurance provider, should you have the proper coverage. It is also worthwhile to note that if Target Tours has to cancel a tour due to lack of interest or any other circumstance and you have already paid a deposit, this money will be refunded back to you. Once we process your deposit, we will send you a copy of your invoice which will reflect your payment and tell you what your remaining balance is. If you choose to purchase travel insurance or any add-ons (tour dependent), these will also be indicated on your invoice.

That’s it! Super easy right? We believe that your entire experience with us should be hassle-free from booking to the time you return home filled with happy memories! We hope to see you on one of our tours soon!