Project Description

It’s hard to imagine we would be where we are today thinking back only a few months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to rescheduling and even cancelling several tours and preparing to do the same for several other departures later this year. It’s a time where everyone is struggling with uncertainly, anxiety, and distance from their loved ones.

Through all the fog of the fear and unknown, we must ensure that we’re taking care of ourselves. This means making time for things that bring us joy and gives us hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. For many that’s connecting with family or friends, getting out in nature, or diving into a project you’ve always wanted to do. It could also mean doing something you used to love, pre-pandemic. For many of us in the Target Tours community that was travel planning.

While you may not feel ready to actually go through the process of booking a trip, it’s the perfect time to use your imagination to dream! Here are a few questions to get your imagination started:

  1. What locations have always been on your bucket list?
  2. Where did you dream of visiting when you were a kid?
  3. What experiences have you always wanted to do?
  4. Is there anything new that you would like to learn or improve on?
  5. Who have you always wanted to travel with? Family, old friends, new friends, or just yourself perhaps!

Now that your mind is spinning with ideas, start imagining what that trip would be like, what would make it great, how, with your specific availability and means, could you accomplish it?

When the reality of this pandemic starts to feel like too much use this dream trip or destination as a getaway that you can start planning for. Research has proven that the act of planning travel often yields more happiness than the trip itself (article). And these day, we will take any extra happiness where we can find it.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of one another! We’ll be here when we’re all ready to get away again.