Project Description

Sometimes it can be difficult to judge if a tour is the right fit for you. Here at Target Tours we want to be sure that the tour you choose is the best one for you! We want you to enjoy yourself because after all, vacations are supposed to be about getting away from your everyday world and relaxing! We want you to come home from your tour feeling refreshed and happy, not tired and worn out.

A common misperception regarding motor coach tours is that passengers spend the entire duration of the tour on the bus. This is definitely not true! While some tours spend more time on the motor coach than others, none of our tours are strictly limited to time spent on the motor coach. That being said, there are certain activities that occur during a tour that will incorporate time on the coach including driving time to the destination and city tours. With a city tour, the group will be joined on the coach by a local guide from the area who will take the group around the destination on the motor coach, highlighting important and unique landmarks and sites. During the city tour there will also be opportunities to get off the coach and explore the area by foot.

If you aren’t sure whether a specific tour would be a good fit for you, a great first step is to check out the Activity Level tab on the specific tour page located on our website. Here you will find a bulleted list of mobility requirements that will be necessary for passengers who are participating in the tour. This is a great checklist to see if you can complete all of these tasks.  Some examples of what you may find on these lists are:

  • Walking or standing for extended periods of time
  • Lifting and carrying your luggage for short distances
  • Climbing multiple sets of stairs
  • Busy sidewalks and crowded areas

A good point to keep in mind is that on all tours the Tour Director will be there to assist all members of the group. They are happy to provide a helping hand from time to time, however they are unable to provide mobility assistance for extended periods of time during a tour. This means that all travelers must be able to manage their mobility independently.

After looking at the Activity Level checklist, if you determine that you are able to complete all the requirements, this may just be the perfect tour for you! The next step is to look at the itinerary and the list of inclusions located further down the page. These will provide you with an excellent idea of what to expect during the tour and what sites, attractions, and activities will be included.

If after looking at the Activity Level checklist, you determine that this tour isn’t a good fit for you, don’t be discouraged! We have lots of tours available that may be better suited for you. Cruises are often a perfect fit for those passengers who aren’t as active or maybe are just looking for a leisurely vacation where they can sit back and do things at their own pace. While on a cruise, passengers can do everything at their own pace including:

  • Waking up as early or as late as you want in the morning
  • Eating whenever and wherever you choose
  • Participating in as little or as many shore excursions or activities as you please
  • Exploring ports of call on your own or with the group on excursions

What ever tour you choose, we want to ensure that you have a wonderful time! If you have questions regarding activity levels and specific tours, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love to hear from you and we love to answer questions. You can reach out to us by email [email protected] , by phone 1-902-367-5500 (local) or 1-877-214-5367 (toll free), or through our website using the online chat function.

We hope to have the opportunity to travel with you soon!