Getting to know us… Laura MacEwen

Getting to know us… Laura MacEwen

You’ve seen her mentioned on our Facebook page and her bio is on our Team list but do you REALLY know our newest team member, Laura? Take five minutes find out why she was the right fit for our team as a Tour Coordinator!


Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello everybody! My name is Laura MacEwen and I was born and raised in St. Peter’s Bay, PEI. Growing up just minutes from Greenwich National Park, I was quite aware of tourism from a pretty young age. After taking our first big family vacation to Florida in grade 10, I knew my love of travel and this industry was just beginning. After high school I graduated from the Tourism & Travel Management program, and a year later the Event Management Program at Holland College. Since my first trip to Florida, I’ve explored major cities and popular destinations including Vancouver, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Varadero, Cuba. As for work, all of my jobs have been involved in Tourism and Travel – from working at the most pristine golf course on PEI, to a Visitor Information Centre where I helped tourists plan their days, to Rodd Hotels & Resorts where I worked for Rodd Crowbush, Rodd Royalty, and Rodd Charlottetown.

Why did you apply to join the Target Tours team?

Laura during her On-The-Job Training with us. Trade show in Miramichi.

When I was taking the Tourism and Travel Management Program, I needed to complete an On-The-Job placement during the summer. I sent an email to John (co-owner of Target Tours), and he took a big leap of faith on me by accepting this placement. I worked for the company for about two months and loved everything about it; the work itself, the people that were employed, and the office environment. When I saw the job posting, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least apply. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy to be back as it almost feels like I never left.

What are you most looking forward to doing while working with Target Tours?

I would have to say interacting with the clients – a huge part of the job at Target Tours! There are so many repeat clients and we like to believe that that has something to do with the work that we do here. I’m thrilled to meet those passengers that choose us time and time again, and to meet new clients as well!

Why do you feel travel is important?

Travelling is a very addictive thing and I think that is because of everything you experience when you do travel. There are new places to explore, new faces to meet, new cultures to see. Travelling is a very eye-opening experience. You become more aware of your own surroundings, and you realize just how big our world really is.

What is your bucket list destination?

I think it’s impossible to choose just one! Greece, Ireland, Hawaii, and Portugal – just to name a few.

What is your favourite part of group travel?

Group travel is great for so many different reasons. Because you’re travelling with like-minded people – you often come home with some new friends! You also do not have to worry about a single thing. Everything is already taken care of – accommodations, transportation, your tour guide, etc. All you really have to do is make sure you don’t miss your bus (or flight) the morning of and you can kick back and relax! What more could you want?

Fun Facts about Laura! 

  • I just became a cat mom! I recently adopted Norm from the PEI Humane Society.

This is Norm

  • I played piano growing up for about 6-7 years. Mind you I haven’t touched one in about 5 years, so I may be a little rough now!
  • I hate scary movies… or anything that would involve me getting scared.
  • I’ve ziplined through the mountains of Whistler and would do it again in a heartbeat!!

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  1. Love reading this article and getting to know a little about you You are joining a great company and I am sure you will love it. Look forward to meeting you as we love Target

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