When you book a tour with Target Tours before final payment you will be included and qualify for any contests, promotions, or incentives that we offer between your time of booking and final payment!

What type of promotions can you qualify for? Any price drops, any giveaways, or deadline contests that apply to your trip. That means that Target Tours guarantees you pay the lowest price offered should you book early enough!

How early is “early enough”?

Book as soon as the tour is released to be sure to qualify for everything. How do you know when a tour is released? Two ways:

  • Check out the Current Tours page on our website to see what has just been posted.

  • Sign up for our e-newsletter to be the first to know about new tours. Sign up by clicking here.

Should you wait to book and miss a promotion you cannot qualify for that past promotion. The only way to ensure that you qualify is to book as soon as the tour is announced or as early as possible. When a new promotion is introduced you will receive a communication alerting you to your qualification or we will send you an updated invoice reflecting the new price. You don’t have to do a thing!

Don’t wait, secure your seat and book today. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as you will qualify for anything that applies to your tour!

*The Early Booking Guarantee only applies to promotions, incentives, or contests that Target Tours issues that applies to the specific trip you booked. It cannot apply to promotions provided by suppliers or partners that are beyond Target Tours’ control. 

*Should a promotion of higher value be promoted after your date of booking and you have already received a promotion for your tour you will receive any amount that is above the value of the initial promotion you received. If a new promotion is of the same value or lower than the promotion you’ve already received no additional discount will be applied. 

*Expressing interest or intention to book a trip will not qualify you for the Early Booking Guarantee. The trip must be booked and paid by deposit in order to qualify for the Early Booking Guarantee.