Current Tours

October, 2019

Oct 15th - Oct 24th, 2019

Washington D.C & Amish Country

*Guaranteed Departure*

Oct 17th - Oct 20th, 2019

Celtic Colours of Cape Breton

Operated by Atlantic Tours

Oct 17th - Oct 27th, 2019

Western Mediterranean Cruise

*Guaranteed Departure*

Oct 29th - Nov 1st, 2019

Salem & Boston Halloween Tour

*Guaranteed Departure*

November, 2019

Nov 7th - Nov 12th, 2019

New York City Theatre

*Sold Out*

Nov 7th - Nov 10th, 2019

Fall Shopping in New Hampshire

*Sold Out - Waiting List Available*

Nov 8th - Nov 11th, 2019

Fall Shopping in Boston & New Hampshire

*Sold Out - Waiting List Available*

Nov 19th - Dec 2nd, 2019

Nashville, Memphis & Branson Country Christmas Tour

*Guaranteed Departure - Female Looking to Share*

December, 2019

Dec 5th - Dec 10th, 2019

New York City Christmas Lights

*Guaranteed Departure - Female Looking to Share*

Dec 5th - Dec 8th, 2019

Christmas Markets in Old Quebec

*4 Seats Required to Guarantee Departure - Female Looking to Share*

February, 2020

Feb 26th - Mar 12th, 2020

Anniversary Hawaii Cruise Tour

*Guaranteed Departure - Female Looking to Share*

March, 2020

Mar 15th - Mar 27th, 2020

Southern Caribbean No-Fly Cruise Spring

*Guaranteed Departure - 8 Seats Left*

April, 2020

Apr 18th - Apr 28th, 2020

Arizona & Utah Discovery Tour

Includes the spectacular Grand Canyon!

Apr 22nd - May 10th, 2020

Transatlantic Cruise

Cruise from New York to Rome

Apr 25th - May 10th, 2020

Normandy to the Liberation of Holland

Operated by The Battlefield Tours

Apr 30th - May 5th, 2020

New York City Spring

Stay in the heart of Manhattan

May, 2020

May 12th - May 20th, 2020

Highlights of Quebec City, St. Jacobs & Ottawa

See Ontario & Quebec in bloom

May 14th - May 29th, 2020

Discover Vietnam & Cambodia

An amazing adventure in Southeast Asia

May 16th - May 31st, 2020

Italy Highlights & Greek Isles Cruise

Land and cruise adventure *Female Looking to Share*

July, 2020

Jul 17th - Aug 3rd, 2020

Alaska and the Yukon Land & Sea

Operated by Lakeshore Tours

August, 2020

Aug 16th - Aug 31st, 2020

Alaskan Cruise & Tour

*Operated by Atlantic Tours*

September, 2020

Sep 3rd - Sep 8th, 2020

New York City Fall

The perfect time to explore the Big Apple

Sep 12th - Sep 23rd, 2020

Baltic Capitals Cruise

Includes a two day excursion in Saint Petersburg, Russia!

Sep 18th - Sep 28th, 2020

Portugal Grand Tour

Experience the best of Portugal

Sep 25th - Oct 6th, 2020

Ireland Luxury Manor Royal

Experience a luxurious getaway to the Emerald Isle

Sep 26th - Oct 5th, 2020

Ontario Fall Foliage Tour

Includes a train tour to Agawa Canyon!

October, 2020

Oct 16th - Oct 29th, 2020

Blue Danube River Cruise

*Guaranteed Departure - Female Looking to Share*

Oct 20th - Nov 4th, 2020

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Cruise from Barcelona to Rome

November, 2020

Nov 6th - Nov 11th, 2020

New York City Theatre

Includes two Broadway shows

December, 2020

Dec 3rd - Dec 8th, 2020

New York City Christmas Lights

The most romantic time to visit NYC